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    Brethren + Sistren is committed to bringing you quality, eclectic pieces that are one of a kind. Ranging in style, era, and cultural origin; we source, test, hand pick and restore beautiful items from the vaults of time. The Brethren + Sistren experience is about trotting the globe without having to renew your passport. It's about achieving a level of personal elegance without forfeiting your sense of adventure. It's the excavation of treasures forgotten by antiquity. Brethren + Sistren wants to bring the undefinable diversity of the old world to your personal collection, let us worry about the jet lag. 

    In addition to our thoughtfully sourced heirloom quality pieces, we pride ourselves in working alongside independent up and coming artists to design true to brand adornments.

    We are a small team of 5 based in Dallas, TX.